Benefits of the recognition card

Joining the authorization database is voluntary and isn't required in order to be a medical marijuana patient unless the patient is under the age of 18. However, the medical marijuana recognition card affords the patient many benefits. A recognition card holder may:

  1. Purchase products at the medically endorsed retail stores sales tax free.
  2. Purchase up to three times the current limits at licensed retail stores with a medical marijuana endorsement.
  3. Purchase high-THC products – when available.
  4. Possess sixplantsand eight ounces of usable marijuana. A healthcare practitioner may authorize additional plants to a maximum of 15; a patient so authorized may posses up to 16 ounces of usable marijuana produced from their plants (see RCW 69.51A.210).
  5. Participate in a medical marijuana cooperative (see RCW 69.51A.250).
  6. Have arrest protection (see RCW 69.51A.040).

Authorized patients not entered into the database

Patients and designated providers who hold valid authorizations, but aren't entered into the database, may purchase only in accordance with the laws and rules for non-patients.

How to join the database

Take your authorization form to American Harvest's licensed and medically endorsed retail marijuana store located at 7550 US Hwy 97, Peshastin, WA 98846.

Ask to see the our certified medical marijuana consultant on staff who is trained in working with authorized medical marijuana patients.

Give the consultant your authorization form, along with an approved form of identification, so that he or she can enter your information into the database, take your picture, and create a new medical marijuana recognition card.

Who can access the database

The medical marijuana authorization database is a secure system that has limited accessibility. Only the following people can see information from the database:

  • Certified medical marijuana consultants – can add patient information from the authorization form and verify if the patient's card is valid.
  • Employees of a medically endorsement store – can only verify that a card is valid.
  • Healthcare practitioners – may only access their authorized patients' healthcare information from the database.
  • Law enforcement – may only verify that a card is valid.
  • Recognition card holders – may learn who has accessed their healthcare information.
  • Washington State Department of Health – will access the database to troubleshoot issues, help store employees with registration, and collect non-identifiable aggregate data.
  • Washington State Department of Revenue – can access the database to verify sales tax free purchases through non-identifiable data.
  • Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board – may only verify that a card is valid.

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Authorization Database

Medical marijuana patients with a valid authorization form may join the medical marijuana authorization database and receive a medical marijuana recognition card. Joining the authorization database is voluntary and isn't required in order to be a medical marijuana patient unless the patient is under the age of 18. However, the medical marijuana recognition card gives the cardholder many benefits

Click Here to learn more about A Patient's Guide to the New Medical Marijuana Consultant (PDF)

Recognition Card Fee

Recognition Card Fee $1.00

Collective Garden Registration Fee $1.00

Designated Provider Registration Fee  $1.00

Medical Cannabis Consultant

A Medical Cannabis Consultant is on staff at American Harvest.

Click Here to schedule an appointment with our knowledgable Certified Cannabis Consultant to find infused products that best assists you with your medical cannabis needs.

Standardized authorization form

All medical marijuana authorizations must be written on the Department of Health form dated June 2015 (or later). All previous medical marijuana forms and cards will not be accepted at the licensed and medically endorsed marijuana stores.

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