Genuine American Cannabis

Are You interested in receiving your Medical Marijuana Recognition Card? Here are the steps to get you ready to schedule your appointment. 

  1. Visit a healthcare professional and have them fill out a Medical Authorization Form.
  2. Schedule your appointment with our own State Certified Medical Marijuana Consultant.
  3. Bring your Medical Authorization Form from your healthcare Professional and a form of ID with you to your appointment. 
  4. You are set! 

Ready To Schedule Your Consultation Appointment?

What to expect from your Certified Medical Marijuana Consultation Appointment

  • Enter patient and designated provider information from the authorization form into the database and create the medical marijuana recognition card.
  • Assist the patient with selecting products.
  • Describe risks and benefits of methods for using products.
  • Give advice on ways to properly store products and keep them safe from children and pets.
  • Show how to properly use products.
  • Answer questions about the medical marijuana law.