Shelton, WA

Harmony Farms

Lacy, WA

American Harvest gives local vendors and farmers a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work.  Come out and show your support for our local and statewide purveyors at your local American Harvest! 

WOW Industries/ Altus

From Spokane, WA

View Askew

From Wenatchee, WA

Cannaman Farms

From Vancouver, WA

hanging Gardens

From Wenatchee, WA

SunSHine Farms

Vancouver, WA

Hanging Gardens is a family owned and operated grow facility located in the heart of Central Valley, in Wenatchee, WA. Come experience the variety and quality of flower this processor offers by visiting American Harvest Cannabis in Peshastin, WA. Located right outside of Leavenworth, WA. 

BMR Glass

Cashmere, WA

Greetings from View Askew Farms! 
We are located in Wenatchee and are a small I-502 tier 2 Producer/Processor specializing in top shelf indoor hydro cannabis that is all 100% hand trimmed and packaged. 

Sunshine Farms is a friendly indoor grow located locally in Vancouver, WA. Founded on the idea of integrity, hard work, and tender care we aim to deliver the highest quality product you can buy anywhere. From the tiniest seeds to the largest plants every step of the way the plants are treated the best. Whether it is the high quality nutrients, our expert growers or the extra care taken to hand trim the buds Sunshine Farms offers a premium product. Focusing on the human touch over machine automation our plants are cage-free and get all the love they deserve. Try our product and relax knowing that the plant you are about to enjoy means just as much to us as it does for you.

Wow Industries ( Weed of Washington) is Washington's premier manufacturing and processing facility. We pride ourselves in working with others to create the best possible products. We also produce the highest-quality medical and recreational marijuana products for stores in Washington.  We are known for our shatter, waxes, oils, capsules, and smokables.  

At Cannaman Farms we focus on producing exceptional cannabis products. As an artisan tier 1 farm, we produce only a handful of strains originating from our in-house breeding program.  We implement a vertical SOG garden technique, growing all of our plants in soil and using our holistic bacterial based feeding regiments.  Our concentrates are done in small batches by hand where we slow down and take our time striving for quality over quantity.  At Cannaman Farms we love what we do. We work hard to make sure that our customers see, taste, smell and feel that love and dedication in all of our products!

Ethos Innovates

From Poulsbo, WA

Leaf Werx

Wenatchee, WA

As both company and people we promote a future filled with harmony.  Our highly experienced team has been farming together since April, 2015.  It is our sincere commitment to build a reputation of excellence and transparency that supports the greater cannabis community.  We take pride in bringing you the best we can offer and look very much forward to growing together.  Thank you for your support on behalf of all of us here at Harmony Farms.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Genuine American Cannabis

LeafWERX is a company owned and operated by friends and family who strive to deliver the best quality product for the best value to our customers.

Our team of growers specialize in different cultivation methods and techniques in an effort to empower the consumer to decide which is the best. From Indoor to Greenhouse to Mixed Light to Full Sun, defining the best method is a journey we want to take with our customers.

LeafWERX’s mission is to give our customers the most consistent, repeatable quality from crop to crop. Through this commitment and loyalty, we hope to make a positive impact in our surrounding community, industry, and consumer public through donations of our time and capital. 1% of every sale will go to a foundation voted upon our loyal customers.

Green Ghost is a family owned and operated Tier 2 producer/processor in Cashmere, WA which is located in the center of Washington. We take pride in the quality of all products that we produce.

At Green Ghost, we invite you to experience the difference with Green Ghost, the leader in horticulture in Chelan County. With rich flavor, preserved terpene profiles, and finely cured flower, Green Ghost is dedicated to providing customers with extraordinary cannabis experiences. 

Purveyors of Cannabis

ROOTWORX is in the recreational marijuana business for the long haul and their business model reflects just that. 

Sharing in the daily physical work they believe the recreational marijuana consumer deserves predictable top shelf products at a fair price.

Combining their watering methods with the highly efficient Rocket Plasmas, ROOTWORX believes they are the “greenest” grower in the industry.

Consistently delivering top shelf products at a competitive price ROOTWORX LLC. is a leader in recreational horticulture.

We offer innovative, helpful, and safe legal products, allowing you to discover a new way of cannabis. Our mission is to evolve the research, understanding and application of cannabis' healing potential. We are global innovators. Our products emerge both from the knowledge of traditional eastern medicine, as well as deep roots in Western science.  We have discovered practical, smoke-free and every day uses for cannabis, that help a people of all ages, with various medical conditions and from all walks of life.   We know that there is more to this plant. Serving humanity is our focus,  and cannabis is our tool. Join us! We welcome you to try our products for an new way to experience the potential of cannabis.

Green Ghost 

From Cashmere, WA