Clandestine Gardens

Bellingham, WA

Manna Productions

From Wenatchee, WA

BMR Glass

Cashmere, WA


Seattle, WA

The love for quality cannabis brought our team together in late 2013. Our farm was granted permission to grow in June 2014. We are a Tier 3 producer/processor located in sunny Peshastin Washington. Our main goal is to provide top notch cannabis with the best interest of the consumer in mind. Our production department focuses on strains that help make people feel great. More than anything, we want our product to help improve your quality of life. So take us on a hike and share the good times.

Good Good Farms

Spokane County, WA

Green Revolution

From Poulsbo, WA

Green Acres Pharm

Anacortes, WA

Heavenly Buds is a family owned & operated business.  We are a recreational top-shelf cannabis producer and processor in Washington State.  Our industry-leading facilities provide the plants you smoke with the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, so we can bring you the best quality marijuana and marijuana products.  We are all about top of the line appearance, fragrance, flavor & potency, truly on the highest of top shelves.  We advocate a lifestyle of serenity and happiness, enhanced by legal cannabis!

Heylo Sessions is a music, cannabis and community-driven project to elevate the conscious use of cannabis through art. Heylo Sessions brings up-and-coming artists into the Heylo Cannabis Lab for live music performances paired with a cannabis strain to elicit the ideal vibe. 

Purveyors of Cannabis

Mary Medicinals

Seattle, WA

The Phat Panda line speaks for itself and is a result of a state-of-the-art growing facility using perfected growing techniques executed by TEAM PANDA. In order to grow the best marijuana, you need the best facility.  In 2014 we set out to create something that was going to change the industry forever.  Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram feed and see how much, and what we are growing!

GoodGood Garden is a Tier 2 Producer / Processor, located in Spokane County, that grows some of the finest craft cannabis in all the state of Washington. Starting with only the finest genetics we soil grow using only organic nutrients. Each plant in our garden is examined individually on a daily basis, hand watered and grown with love. We slow dry and slow cure in a very controlled environment at a specific temperature and humidity to ensure the smoothest and best tasting cannabis possible on a consistent basis, free of synthetic nutrients and pesticides. We hand trim and package in glass to ensure these qualities are, ultimately, enjoyed by the consumer. 

We offer innovative, helpful, and safe legal products, allowing you to discover a new way of cannabis. Our mission is to evolve the research, understanding and application of cannabis' healing potential. We are global innovators. Our products emerge both from the knowledge of traditional eastern medicine, as well as deep roots in Western science.  We have discovered practical, smoke-free and every day uses for cannabis, that help a people of all ages, with various medical conditions and from all walks of life.   We know that there is more to this plant. Serving humanity is our focus,  and cannabis is our tool. Join us! We welcome you to try our products for an new way to experience the potential of cannabis.

Heavenly Buds

Vancouver, WA

Phat Panda/ Sticky Frog

Spokane, WA

Inspired by her apothecary forefathers and generations of healers who found medicinal solutions in nature, Mary brings a turn-of-the-century elegance to the modern-day resurgence of natural therapies.

Best known as the developer and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Cannabis Patch, Mary innovates at the intersection of technology and horticulture. Mary is transforming how people view and utilize cannabis, developing products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.

Mary creates the most effective, accurately-dosed natural pain-relief products utilizing clinically tested, clean and accurate delivery methods. Most importantly, Mary maintains industry-leading accountability driven by her patient-first mentality.

Good Good Gardens Cannabis Purveyor

LeafWERX is a company owned and operated by friends and family who strive to deliver the best quality product for the best value to our customers.

Our team of growers specialize in different cultivation methods and techniques in an effort to empower the consumer to decide which is the best. From Indoor to Greenhouse to Mixed Light to Full Sun, defining the best method is a journey we want to take with our customers.

LeafWERX’s mission is to give our customers the most consistent, repeatable quality from crop to crop. Through this commitment and loyalty, we hope to make a positive impact in our surrounding community, industry, and consumer public through donations of our time and capital. 1% of every sale will go to a foundation voted upon our loyal customers.

JV Ranch

From Goldendale, WA

JV Ranch is a family owned and operated grow facility located in Goldendale, WA in the beautiful Klickitat County near the Columbia Gorge. Come experience the variety and quality of products offered by JV Ranch by visiting American Harvest Cannabis in Peshastin, WA. 

Sunshine Farms is a friendly indoor grow located locally in Vancouver, WA. Founded on the idea of integrity, hard work, and tender care we aim to deliver the highest quality product you can buy anywhere. From the tiniest seeds to the largest plants every step of the way the plants are treated the best. Whether it is the high quality nutrients, our expert growers or the extra care taken to hand trim the buds Sunshine Farms offers a premium product. Focusing on the human touch over machine automation our plants are cage-free and get all the love they deserve. Try our product and relax knowing that the plant you are about to enjoy means just as much to us as it does for you.

From the soil

Elma, WA

Growing Like a Weed (GLW) is a Washington i502 Tier 2 producer/processor of cannabis products.
GLW was established in 2014 by local area experienced craftsmen who's goal is to set the bar, with the highest quality cannabis products in market. The owners have worked in the Spokane market and understand the quality our local area customers have come to expect.
GLW's growing process allows the flexiblity to reach a wide variety of different customers. This includes those who appreciate a clean and consistent flavor and for those who prefer a distinctive type of experience. We have a diverse line of products to fit those needs and everything inbetween.

Genuine American Cannabis

Clandestine Gardens - Fine Cannabis Purveyors of WA

American Harvest gives local vendors and farmers a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work.  Come out and show your support for our local and statewide purveyors at your local American Harvest! 

Leaf werx

Wenatchee, WA

Good Good Gardens Cannabis Purveyor

Sysco Pancho's

Peshastin, WA

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JV Ranch Cannabis Purveyor

Manna Production is a family run cannabis farm. We have three employees dedicated full time to making your marijuana the way you want it! Below you can learn more about each individual staff member and some of your favorite strains. Every bud is handled with care, hung dried, hand trimmed and packaged with only premium bud. Manna production can currently be found in stores ranging from Wenatchee Washington and surrounding areas, all the way  to Seattle Washington.

Green Acres Pharm Cannabis Purveyor

Smokey Point Productions

Seattle, WA

We are a Tier II grow operation. We utilize LED lighting in an indoor scenario, growing a variety of strains to appeal to each individual and their desired taste and preference. 

The leadership/ownership team consists of Ian and Ezra, two brothers-locals, who have 20+ years combined of growing marijuana. Funny, but serious, their main goal is in producing high-quality marijuana and sharing it with the local community and beyond. Attention to detail, ultimate care and hard work (time is value) make the end result epic. They turn out chronic buds. Then they skate at lunch. 

Clandestine Gardens formed with the intent to produce and process the finest cannabis in Washington State. The team optimizes extreme care in handling the product from start to finish. They practice with an old school vibe, and with knowledge of harvesting the finest of crops. Employing a team that helps not just in ultimate plant growth but also in business potential. 
It's what we do. It's what we've done. If you don't know, now you know. 

Green Acres Pharm is Washington's premier boutique cannabis producer and curator. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of naturally grown cannabis in the industry. Unlike large scaled commercial operations, we are able to nurture every plant with the love and affection needed to achieve an incomparable level of quality. Our products are the result of passion and the relentless pursuit of the finest genetics bringing you an unparalleled user experience.

In this rapidly Growing Industry, we are staying ahead of the curve by implementing the most cutting-edge cannabis Cultivation technology available on the market. Our team of expert master growers meticulously maintain our garden utilizing natural and organic techniques so our valued consumers can have peace of mind when choosing Green Acres Pharm products. Our prodigious consistency is the outcome of our labor intensive procedures that cannot be matched by larger tiered producer operations. We hand water each and every plant 7 days a week 365 days a year, to ensure no plant goes left without the needed attention to produce the highest-caliber cannabis available on the market.

Growing LIke A Weed (GLW)

Spokane, WA

Johnny Vanella Cannabis Purveyor
From The Soil Cannabis Purveyor
JV Ranch Cannabis Purveyor

We specialize in crafting high-terpene extracts as well as CBD-rich strains. We use Clean Green Certified growers to deliver a product that is healthy and safe. We only process Heylo products with full-bud cannabis - never trim or sugar leaf. We post all of our analytical results for greater transparency and education. We take tremendous care to preserve terpenes for better taste and experience and are forever grateful to our customers for feedback and support.

SunSHine Farms

Vancouver, WA

Mary's Chimes I Peggy Trimbl I Docu-Series
Mary's new docu-series features real stories of individuals whose health has significantly improved from the use of cannabinoid-infused products.
Watch here:

Like life, we are all nothing more than the choices we have made, the people we have met and the experiences we have kept to remember and share. Just simple words, but profound and heart felt. Our team, our family, our assembly of talent we have at our farm is truly a blessing. The life paths of each and every important member is the sum total of offerings we give thanks to this amazing plant.

We here at From the Soil collective gardeners bring to you our enthusiasm and learning base of cannabis cultivation, harvesting and ultimately the mature flower to Washington i502 stores.

Our entire culture and mindset is centered from the great wisdom of the Dalai Lama…

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